Championship Tickets cheaper for AU fans

BCS National Championship tickets are much cheaper this time around for Auburn fans. The last time Auburn played on this stage ticket prices were more than double today's prices.

As of Friday evening, the starting price for end zone seats was $430 plus fees at's base was $435. At, the floor was $485.{}{} {}Better seats can cost you a lot more than that. But none of this year's ticket prices even compare to the prices three years ago, when the Tigers' matchup against Oregon set secondary market records.{}{} {}The average transaction topped $1,100 the week before Auburn's victory in Arizona.{}{} {}Experts say the difference this time is simply, supply and demand.{}{} {}Rose Bowl Stadium has about 20,000 more championship tickets available than University of Phoenix Stadium, where the game was played three years ago. Also, Auburn's not trying to end a 53-year championship drought and Florida State isn't playing for its first national crown either, as Oregon was at BCS National Championship in 2011.