Change made along Highway 280 to help traffic flow

More changes along Highway 280 may make for a smoother drive. The Alabama Department of Transportation's newest change comes at the intersection of Cahaba River Road and Riverview Road.What was once a four-way stop is now a three-way stop. Drivers turning off of Highway 280 into the intersection were getting backed-up at the stop, sometimes overflowing onto the highway. Now, the stop sign is gone, and hopefully that back-up will be, too.It's a change drivers are still getting used to. "It's going to take a minute," said Jarvis Banks, whofrequentss the road. "It's going to take a minute. But they'll get use to it eventually."Banks says he welcomes the change."When the stop sign was there, it was just like, a lot of traffic was backed up," he described.The Alabama Department of Transportation says the goal is to eliminate that backup, making the highway safer. The department posted notice signs earlier in the week to give drivers a warning for the change. Drivers like Banks have already noticed a smoother commute. "It really did make a difference because by them taking down that stop sign, it really decreased the stopping and pausing and all of that and now you can just move a little better than what it was," Banks added. AL-DOT expects drivers to adjust over the next couple of weeks. {}