Charities in need of food donations for Thanksgiving

In a week, many people will be cooking turkeys, baking desserts and preparing the table for a Thanksgiving feast.

But for families in need, the traditional turkey with all the trimmings wouldn't be possible without the help of others. Local charity directors say the need is greater than ever in some communities, and they're looking for donations to make the holiday special for everyone.{}

Larry Logan, executive director of the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama, says in his 17 years with organization, the rate of giving and resources are the worst he has seen.

"We've got people this year who are clients who last year were donors, so needless to say, it has fallen off a great bit," Logan says.

He says, due to federal cuts, the nonprofit has only three million commodity goods, that's{} one{} million less than at this time last year. But the problem spreads beyond his organization. The Food Bank ships food to more than 200 charities across 12 counties in Alabama.

The Community Kitchens of Birmingham is one the Food Banks' clients. Staffers say they, too, are doing more with less.

"A lot of that has impacted the ability and the resources that we have for meats in particular so we have had to get creative and find other ways to do that," says Brandon Fountain, Community Kitchens of Birmingham's volunteer coordinator.Fountain says the group is using money in its budget to buy food.

The Salvation Army is also in need.

For more information on how you can help or get assistance, visit the following websites:

The Community Food Bank of Central

The Community Kitchens of

The Salvation Army