Chelsea business alliance formed

Take a drive down Highway 280 over Double Oak Mountain and you'll find the City of Chelsea.

It's one of the fastest growing communities in Shelby County.

The city has exploded in the last decade, seeing more than 240 percent growth in its population. So, how can the city sustain that kind of growth in the next decade? Businesses already in Chelsea have an idea.

The Chelsea Business Alliance.

It is a new member based organization. Right now, it's made up of 13 businesses. The idea is to unite existing businesses, which they believe will lead to future growth in the city.

"As we enhance the business climate, more businesses will be able to come out here and thrive," says Dr. Ben Smith, the founder of the alliance.

The alliance was created to{} provide resources for new businesses looking to open shop in Chelsea.

Smith believes the alliance will also build a communications bridge between businesses and the city. "For the most part, an individual business may have concerns that they can't really get addressed, but if they're coming as a group, it provides the voice of a united front," he says.Mayor Earl Niven points to the slogan "Shop Chelsea... It Matters.""It allows us to promote our city and that's what the (Chelsea) business alliance will do. It's going to promote businesses in Chelsea and the relationship that government has with these businesses," says Niven.