Chemex Hand Crafted Coffee

ChemexHand Crafted Coffee (makes one large cup):

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Place filter in Chemex, rinse filter with hot water, discard rinsewater.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Place Chemex on scale and set the scale to 0 wt.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Add approx. 1 oz. ground (drip) coffee to filter in Chemex.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Initially pour just enough near boiling (200 degree) water to covergrounds; wait 45 seconds.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Gradually pour water to 14 oz. total weight, starting in the center ofgrounds and working out and around the coffee pouring in a "S" design.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Remove and discard the filter once the coffee drip-out is complete.

-{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Enjoy your coffee hot or poured over ice.


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