Chief: ATV ran over officer after chase

Brookwood Police Chief Randy Kizziah (

A Brookwood police officer run over by an ATV he was trying to pull over remained in the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

The officer's name is not being released.{}He suffered a broken leg and torn ligament.

Chief Randy Kizziah says around 7:30 PM Tuesday night{} they received a call from{} man who says two ATV's were driving around his yard, messing it up.

The officer caught up the with the two ATV's{}on Brookwood Parkway and followed them for about two miles until the ATV's ran into a dead-end gated-fence along Covered Bridge Road.

Kizziah says, "My officer got out and they turned the ATV's and completely ran over him.{} As it was running over him, he fired two shots up the bottom of the ATV hitting the driver."

One of the suspects was shot in his left thigh and side.

All three suspects on the ATV's got away but later turned themselves in.

The suspect who was shot{}by the officer is in the hospital.{}Homicide investigators say he will likely be charged with attempted murder after he is discharged.{} Police have not decided whether the other two suspects will face charges of eluding law enforcement.