Children find human remains in Pell City wooded area

A shocking discovery for five children near{}a Pell City neighborhood. While playing in some woods, they found human remains including a skull.

The Pell City Police Department is saying this could be connected to a missing person case.

Ryan Mitchell says "We were exploring the woods, we came across something, I freaked out."

A walk in the woods for five boys, may have solved a missing person case for Pell City Police.

Colin Chua says, "We looked over to the right, we found this skull."

The children left the woods and grabbed a parent, Skipper Skillman, who teaches Anatomy at Gadsden State. Skillman says, "knew what it was no question. You could see the shape, the vertebrae, femur. Bones were laying out there easily to see."

He then called police.. who are investigating the discovery as a crime scene until a cause of death is determined.

Sergeant Don Newton says the bones have been in the woods more than a year. Investigators are wondering if they'll match the identity of Forest Amell, who disappeared last year.

Sergeant Newton says,"We do have a subject that's been missing since April of 2012 and was last seen within this approximate area and there's other evidence they did discover that supports that hypothesis, but we don't know until there's a positive identification."

Augusta Skillman says, "This will put rest with some family."

Newton says there is no evidence of fowl play, but the community is still in shock over what the children found not far from the Fox Hollow Subdivision.

Resident Mary Butler says, "If it had been me, I'd never get over it."

Skillman says the children are doing well, but it's something they won't forget anytime soon.

Ryan Mitchell says "Now, I have something to talk about when I go to school."

Sergeant Newton says the remains have already been sent to forensics for testing. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is also involved in this case.

We'll update you on this situation, as soon as we learn more.