Children preach the gospel

In some churches across the country, it is a child or a teenager preaching from the pulpit. In fact, YouTube videos of children delivering sermons have gone viral.Eleven-year-old Hunter Sharpe is from Cullman and travels the country sharing the gospel. Sharpe is among many child preachers who have their share of believers and critics.As a part of a ministry called Unsheltered International, Sharpe travels the country helping the needy. He participates in disaster relief efforts and helps feed the homeless."It's what we do. It's what we've been called to do," Sharpe says. "And I don't think it's really a job. It's a privilege to know that you can help someone in need."Hunter's parents, Travis and April Sharpe, say they always knew he had a special gift. Travis Sharpe has been a traveling ordained minister for nearly 15 years. They say, at the tender age of 6, Hunter wanted to provide shelter to people who had none.Still, some say children are too young to truly understand the gospel, let alone, preach it. They say children are merely mimicking adults. The Sharpe's contend Hunter wants to preach for himself.For full report, tune into Monday's "Focus @ 4."