Chilton County appoints first African American Coroner

Chilton County made history today by swearing in its first African American coroner.

Governor Robert Bentley appointed Awlajahday Agee. Agee is not only the first black coroner in the county but the youngest.

It was a milestone for Chilton County, as Awlajahday Agee was sworn in as the first African American and youngest coroner in county history.

But Agee wants more than being appointed, he wants to be elected. Randy Yeargan, former coroner of Chilton County, moved to Montana. Agee was his assistant, which led Governor Bentley to select him as coroner.

This isn't the first time someone with the last name Agee made history in the county. Bobby Agee, Awlajahday's father was elected as county commissioner in 1988. He says he's been grooming his son since he was young, working at the family funeral home. "He has been involved in funerals and death since his birth," says Bobby Agee.

Awlajahday Agee works with his family at Agee Brothers Funeral Home in Clanton. The 26 year old is currently running for county coroner, with the hopes of winning. Hoping for a smooth transition, hoping the county will accept him, and hoping to continue to do the work he was born to do.

"Just being able to accomplish a dream is definitely a blessing, a lot of people go through life not able to accomplish their dreams and I'm blessed," says Agee.

Awlajahday Agee and Aaron Ellison will seek the position of county coroner. Agee is currently the coroner for Chilton County and Ellison is with Ellison-Cleckler funeral home. Former Chilton County Coroner Randy Yeargan will not seek re-election.

Primaries are in June.