Choosing the best workout for you

If you want to workout, there's some form of exercise right for you. But getting the desired results actually starts with selecting the workout to get you there.

Frank Franklin chooses Pilates.

"You just feel like you're walking straighter and holding yourself straighter and you feel more powerful as you walk along and you're not so worn down at the end of the day," Franklin says.

Franklin used to suffer from back pain. But he says the aches are gone, thanks to the core-building program and his instructor, Lelie Hughes, at Pilates Place.

"It meets you where you are then takes you from there because Pilates is exercise but it's also corrective exercise," Hughes says.Hughes says, at the basic level, Pilates is for everyone, people of all ages and athletic abilities.Christina Rodriguez says the same is true for Zumba and aqua Zumba. It's what she calls a dance fitness party with Latin flavor."You improve your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system. You increase your flexibility and your joint mobility," Rodriguez says.

University of Alabama at Birmingham health professor Retta Evans advises variations to workouts before choosing one. Some regimens are more basic than others, and others could cause high-impact on the bones and joints.

Here are Evans' tips:

Consult a doctor before choosing any workout program, especially if you're older than 45 or have risk factors such as heart disease or high blood pressure.Sit in on a class and speak with the instructor and the participants.Don't rule out a workout because of your age. many programs can be tailored to your level.{}{}{}{}