Christmas Miracle Man and Dog

Chris Mooneyham is working making cabinets. He goes home everyday. He regularly pays his bills. He even goes to church one or twice a week and he loves to walk his dog.

It sounds pretty regular. But to Chris, this is a reason to celebrate! You see Chris was homeless this time last year. He and his dog hit rock bottom when heavy rain created a small river through the bottom of his tent. Yes he has experienced a Christmas miracle. A transformation of his life.

A volunteer from Two by Two Animal Rescue spotted him and his dog and offered a helping hand.

Not for himself, but for his shivering little dog, he accepted the hand of friendship. Not a hand out, but a hand up.

This year Christ is working at a cabinet company. He pays his bills and is going to school.

Chris says he didn't start caring about himself, until he realized people cared about him.

Now he is reaching out to others and even offered a room to a homeless couple.

He keeps on giving... And studying scripture.