Church has Sunday service in a funeral chapel

It wasn't your typical Sunday school service. For the Mt. Ararat Missionary Baptist Church, Sunday, service was in a funeral home.

That's because the congregation's sanctuary was heavily damaged, Friday.

"It was struck by lightning," Victor Blackledge said.

It knocked a hole in the ceiling, burnt structures and completely wiped out the electrical system.

"The extent of the damage...we don't know," Blackledge said.

The church has been so busy it hasn't been able to assess all the damage. Blackledge and Pastor Roderick Jones say it's devastating, but manageable.

"[God] wouldn't give us no heavier load than we can't carry," Blackledge said.

"I call it just a bump in the road that every round goes higher," Jones said.

But while it's being managed with, service is at the Poole's Funeral Chapel. It's not a church, but Blackledge and Jones say it's not about the building, it's about the message.

"[It's] probably just a testimony," Blackledge said. "I wouldn't serve no other God. Just plain wouldn't. He knew who we were, where we were and what we needed."

A message that God works in mysterious ways.

"We just got to realize that when God moves...some times we have to hush and listen to what God has to say," Jones said.

Blackledge says the church was covered by insurance.