Church History at the Greek Food Festival

A years worth of planning goes into the Greek Food festival at Holy Trinity- Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Birmingham.

This Thursday baklava and Greek chicken will be served up to thousands of people.

The church itself is a treat for the eyes and soul. We visited inside the Greek Orthodox church.

Vina Morros is a church member who was kind enough to give us a tour of the cathedral. She said what I was thinking: "When you walked into the parish you literally stepped back in time."

Inside the Cathedral is breathtaking.... the cathedral ceiling the art and the majesty is striking.

Vina Morros says, "Art iconography your seeing art that would have adorned a church during Byzantine era... the time of Constantine the great in 325 there about's. The interior of the church gives the impression of being in the presence of God."

in the Greek Orthodox faith... the icons in the church help tell the story of Christ... from Mary... to Jesus on the cross...... to the resurrection.

It's ornate, it's tradition... and it's a part of the orthodox faith.

Vina. "The upper area is called the soleia ... that is an area we celebrate the sacraments. The wall that separates the sanctuary from rest of the ..Church the wall includes 6 icons."

The Archangel Michael is depicted with a sword... Christ is in the center...... and John the Baptist is seen holding his head.... then there is the Archangel Gabriel... holding a sphere which represents our world.

The members here are Greek and non Greek... all are welcome..... especially for the feast later this week.

Jimmy Cosmos grew up in the church.... his parents planned the Greek Food Festival 40 years ago... now he is in charge.

Jimmy Cosmos is now organizing it... He says, "We cooked 37 thousand pounds of ground beef 3000 pounds of rice in 3 days."

He says preparation days ahead of time.

Jimmy Cosmos says. "The last couple of weeks of cooking and baking come Thursday morning the show begins."

Here at the Greek Food Festival it's like a marriage of faith and food... 35 thousand pieces of pastries.... and they'll quickly run out so you'll want to rush down here.. but mainly this is a way to minister to the community.

{}Jimmy says. "We donate back to local charities we support cathedral youth."

And many other charities as well as infuse money back into the cathedral... to keep the one of the oldest parish's in the country vibrant.

The Festival begins this Thursday and runs through Saturday. Admission and parking is free.