Church holds fundraiser in brewery

Avery Rhodes, First Methodist Church. (

Breweries continue to pop up around Alabama and a Birmingham brewery's success is helping a church reach out to people in need.

At Good People Brewing Company. "We put a lot of heart and soul into the product we make." And when the state law changed allowing them to serve that product.. Joel Harris says, "It opened this up to new people trying our beer besides just our retail outlets."

After two expansions, the brewery is ready for the opening of the new Barons Ballpark and it's attracting the attention of neighbors.

Avery Rhodes says "Where better than a local spot that is popular and fun and has great owners so supportive of our mission." The Church of the Reconciler is having a fundraiser at{}the brewery, introducing church to more people. It's fellowship and outreach. "This is a way for us to build that bridge and to say to those young professionals who might want to come out after work, relax, have a drink.. that we're here and would love to help them plug in a way they would like to serve at Reconciler."

Like getting involved in helping the homeless. Money raised at the event benefits church programs to do just that. Stephanie Arnold, Pastor at First Methodist Church, says "I think there's so many people who never think of getting involved because maybe they're not affiliated with a church, but they would love to have a beer and have fun with friends, so showing community involvement in a number of ways is a healthy thing to do."

In the midst of good people. Harris says "Helping them is going to even come back to help us.

The event included a silent auction. The church says it simply wanted to reach out to as many people possible.