Church hosts conference on protecting children from pornography

It's an issue worrying many parents. Children having access to pornography through the Internet, especially on I-phones. Sunday night, a local church revealed some shocking statistics and helped families learn ways to safeguard their homes and protect their children.

More than 100 people showed up to a seminar at First Baptist Church Trussville with their cell phones in hand.

"In the last 3 to 4 years, not a week has gone by that I haven't had a parent come to me dealing with this issue." Children's Minister, Blake Kersey, says parents are deeply concerned about their children being exposed to pornography on-line. He's heard many scenarios. "They saw an older brother that would post a picture on Facebook, they would look at it. We had one that an older brother dared a child to post a picture and they posted it."

Kersey says studies show that I-phones are the number one devices for Internet pornography, giving children more access away from home. "Kids are walking in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms with an I-phone in their pocket."

"Even the times we think we have them protected we don't, so it's very scary." Angela Jones has three boys under the age of 9 and was shocked after the church informed her 90-percent of children ages 8 through 16 have seen pornography on the Internet. "My kids are still young, but statistics show we better start now.

"This is an epidemic, not just among children but among adults and something has got to be done about." Jeff Cargile taught parents like Angela Jones how to safeguard home computers and phones with filters. Parents even learned how to monitor their children's activity on social networking sites and get access to text messages.

Jones says "I would like to think if parents were more involved in aspects of their kids lives, maybe we could cut some things off early."

And the church hopes this will prevent children from heading down the wrong path.Kersey says "If we don't get a hold of this now, we're going to see many marriages destroyed because of something that started when they were younger."

The church is expected to start a blog to update parents on the newest apps to be aware of. Kersey says the presentation tonight will be on the church's website.

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