Church reaches out to Chelsea Middle School Families


Two of the students, directly involved in the incident at Chelsea Middle School, attend Double Oak Community Church. Pastors with the student ministry talked with youth members about what happened as part of their worship.

Those students did not attend the student ministry Wednesday evening and were home with their families. We could not talk to students, but youth leaders did reach out them about what happened at Chelsea Middle School. Some parents at church were too emotional to talk as well. The student ministry at Double Oak Community Church in Mount Laurel wanted to give students a chance to open up and talk about their feelings. Pastors did not want them to deal with this situation on their own. A lot of students are in shock and searching for comfort.

Student Pastor, David Cagle, says "When the church does things together, it's an amazing thing. It's not just a group of people, it's God working through people so the fact we can be part of this process is amazing."

Cagle says staff members have already spoken to those families affected by the situation and say they'll continue to minister to them over time.