Church Service for American Heroes


Retired Marine Willie Franklin carries with him the invisible scars of war. {}"The people thought we were crazy," said Franklin in a speech in front of members at More than Conquerors Faith Church in Birmingham.{}Franklin suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder. {}He spent months overseas fight in the Vietnam war. Franklin said when he returned home from war he was met with mixed reaction regarding his service in the military.{}" For 30 something years, we felt like we were outcasts. We felt like our country had turned our back on us. But you know, that was because people didn't understand the wounds of war.," said Franklin.{}The former Marine was just one of many servicemen and women who delivered an emotional testimony Sunday Morning at More Than Conquerors Faith Church.{}{}The morning service was difference from most. {}It was specifically organized to recognize first responders, military personnel, and people who put their lives on the line.{}" We want to say thank you for leaving your family on hold to make sure our borders are protected," said Steve Green, Pastor of More Than Conquerors Faith Church. {}The choir sang patriotic songs with a gospel twist, but it were the messages the heroes shared that got the people in the audience thinking.{}{}Franklin said we can all do our part by becoming more knowledgeable about the short and long term effects of war, stressful situations, and how to support loved ones who put their lives in harms way. {}