Churches in 3 cities hit by vandals

Around 11 churches in Birmingham, Pleasant Grove, and Hueytown were targeted by vandals Thursday night. Investigators say the word, "memeneushda" was spray painted on doors and church buildings. Detectives are working now to determine who is behind the vandalism and what the word means. In Pleasant Grove, First Presbyterian, First Baptist, Pleasant Grove United Methodist, and Bethel Baptist churches were hit. In Jefferson County, Mountain View Baptist, Good Samaritan Church, and Center Point Independent Churches were hit. We spoke with church members as they cleaned up the mess.

"I'm actually a Sunday School teacher here," Jeb Lessley, from Center Point Independent Church said. "We came out here to cut the grass. As you can see it's a little high."{}

And before he could unload the lawn mower, Jeb Lessley found the graffiti.

"There's one red stripe on our front door and a word that I can't pronounce spray painted on the floor," Lessley said.

Down the road.... {}

"I was just really surprised someone would do it to a church," Donna Otts, a church member at Good Samaritan Baptist Church said.

{}Donna Otts spent the day cleaning the word off the doors to her church. {}

"It wouldn't come off with any kind of scrub so we had to use a paint thinner and clean it all off that way," Otts said. "It was pretty bad. It would dry and smear and dry and smear."{}

The question is: {}what does it say? {}So far, no one seems to know. {}2 churches in Center Point, 1 in Grayson Valley, 4 in Hueytown and 4 in Pleasant Grove - all the same word, the same red line. {}

"I wasn't sure what to think," Otts said. "I felt like it meant something just the way it was repeated."

"We don't have any broken windows or stolen property so it could be worse," Lessley said. "The Lord was watching over us."

Anyone with information should contact authorities. Jefferson County deputies can be reached at 325-1450. Or you can call Crime Stoppers at 254-7777.{}