Churches monitoring Ebola outbreak

Matthew Miller and his family are getting ready for a 22 hour flight to Rwanda. {}They're missionaries for Homewood Church of Christ.{}"We of course want people to be reconciled to God but we also want to see them learn how to farm better, learning about health and sanitation," said Miller.{}As they prepare to spread the message of Jesus for the next two years, they are taking into account the deadly ebola virus spreading on the African continent.{}"We don't have a lot of concern but we spent a lot of time in Togo and its right in that region," said Miller.{}Rwanda is more than two thousand miles from where the epidemic is growing but it doesn't mean they'll be out of harms way.{}"If everyone only stayed in safe places....there are a lot of places in the world that never would be touched. So, it just not our greatest concern," explained Miller.{}Justin Peach, a youth minister at the church, says the viral outbreak has certainly made the issue of safety forefront when planning mission trips overseas.{}"If its not safe for us to go, we are not going to go," said Peach.{}He helps coordinate a trip to Honduras. {}Although the country isn't the site of an ebola outbreak, Americans that travel there have to take certain precautions.{}"'We won't stop at a fruit stand and buy fruit just to eat it because its not safe enough for us to eat," said Peach.{}