Churches taking the message of lent outside of the sanctuary

Christian church leaders are making worship services for lent more accessible. {}A worship service was held in Linn Park Wednesday afternoon. {}People gathered to hear inspiring words as they embark on a spiritual journey for the next 40 days.{}Many of the faithful decided to give up sweets, smoking, and facebook. {}Others are taking the Lenten season to serve.{}"I going to help with the advent episcopal church right down the block. I'm going to be a waitress there on Mondays. So come down and see me," said Betts Drennen{}"Coming out to a public space and being available to folks....also bringing some of our businesses people and wealthier people, who are well dressed, to come and be the church and worship," said Rev. Katie Nakamura Rogers with Saint Luke's Episcopal Church.{}Christian churches throughout the area made it a point to reach more people. {}Alabaster First United Methodist Church offered the faithful drive through ashes. {}People drove up and had the marking of the cross placed on their foreheads and were offered prayer. Church leaders say the have to get outside the walls of the sanctuary in order to spread the message of God and empower followers to remain disciplined.{}