City, airport, construction company staying quiet about airport accident

72 hours later, there is{}still no answer about what caused the fatal airport display accident.

Right now, Brasfield & Gorrie is not commenting. The City of Birmingham and the Birmingham Airport Authority are both issuing no further statements.

Right after the flight display fell at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport on a Kansas City family Friday, the question was first posed to a Birmingham firefighter.

"A{}no idea at this point what caused the sign to fall?,"{}asked a reporter.

"I really don't know. I'm not qualified to answer that as to why it fell. All we know is that it fell," said Battalion Chief Donald Jones of the Birmingham Fire Department on Friday.

The airport spokesperson was asked the same question minutes later.

"We don't have that information. We are going to continue to look into the situation," said Toni Herrera-Bast.

Those were some of the last words spoken on the issue.

Brackets mounted the monitors into the display. Yet, there didn't appear to be any holes in the wall to hold the three hundred plus pound display that killed a 10 year old and injured others.

The City of Birmingham{}declined to comment Monday saying it was an airport authority issue.

Brasfield{}& Gorrie, the construction company behind the new terminal, said it couldn't because it was respecting the airport's request to handle all media inquiries.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the airport authority would only confirm- a{}confidential executive session{}was held Saturday.{}There were no new{}answers and{}no new information.