City Council and Pit Bull Supporters Clash in Clay


People packed a small room at Clay City Hall where many voiced strong opposition to the city's new vicious dog ordinance.{}The ordinance places a ban on pit bulls and pit bull mixes. {}Dog owners say they aren't taking the new restriction lying down.{}" It will grandfather in pre-existing dogs in the area but after those dogs pass away no one is allowed to bring in any future animals," said Joseph Honeycutt, who attended the meeting.{}"They are going to get rid of pit bulls instead of keeping a leash law, keeping all dogs off the road, " said Donna Barnett, a pit bull owner.{}The city council heard from passionate owners who say pit bulls are being discriminated against. {}They say the breed isn't overly aggressive.{}{}The issue took center stage after reports surfaced of Sheriff Mike Hale's encounter with a pack of aggressive dogs. {}He said' he fired shots at the animals when they approached him twice. {}City leaders in Clay want to make sure people in the city don't encounter aggressive dogs on the loose.{}"When you own a pit bull it's apart of your family. {}When you own any dog it's apart of your family. But when you have something that's being threaten to be taken way from you, you're going to stand-up for it, " said Honeycutt.{}The Clay City Council said it would revisit the ordinance after some deliberation and that didn't go over well with the crowd.{}The vicious dog ordinance is now effect but pit bull owners hope it'll soon change.{}