City council considers purchasing Carraway hospital property

A debate Monday night centered on what to do with the old Carraway hospital property. One city councilor hopes the city will buy it and turn it into a multi-purpose facility. {}It's a plan that's generating big support, but hinges on Tuesday's council vote."Everyone wants to know what is going to happen with Carraway," Robert Gilmore, Norwood Neighborhood President said.A second meeting at Norwood's Community Center - rallied neighbors who want to see development in the long-empty Carraway Medical Center."It's kind of a blight," Gilmore said. "The hospital has been burglarized several times for copper. It's in a deteriorating condition.""Carraway hospital campus would help redevelop this whole community," William Parker, Birmingham City Councilor said.Councilor William Parker {}is proposing that the city acquire the hospital property and use it as a municipal complex. The plan {}includes a public safety headquarters for fire and police and features walking trails as well as a dog park."This is our Crossplex, this is our Railroad Park, you can see it's a catalyst for redevelopment, this is what we are hopeful for for this community," Parker said.Other city leaders support moving - instead- {}into the old social security building near the BJCC, but Councilor Parker {}believes renovating Carraway would be the most affordable option - he says the cost to purchase and renovate would be around $40-60 million."We are very excited about the north side project with the city and the effort with Carraway to spark the redevelopment here in Norwood," Gilmore said. "We are looking for jobs, tax paying businesses, we want something to happen there.""I think there is a real opportunity to bring people into the Norwood area," Dr. Brenda Dickerson, a neighbor said.