City Councilors, SCLC grateful for Mayor Bell's health

In city council chambers, Tuesday, politics wasn't the focus.

"Mr. Mayor, I'm very glad that nothing bad happened to any of our people," Councilwoman Valerie Abbott said.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, council members and Mayor William Bell were giving well-wishes and thanks following last Friday's interstate gunfire incident that involved Bell's security detail.

"I do want to commend my entire team for the professionalism that they always show," Bell said.

The SCLC says it will present special awards to Bell's two officers who helped save his life.

"They acted with wisdom, courage and professionalism," Bishop Calvin Woods said.

Bell says he is truly thankful to be alive.

"[I wanted to] just tell the public thank you and I always appreciate God's protective hedge around me and all of our citizens in our community," Bell said.

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