City leaders weigh in on Avondale flooding

Employees and volunteers at toms sound pa gear are sweeping, blow drying, and suctioning water as fast as they can. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment is damaged. They're trying to prevent even more damage this evening.

Lucky Loyd, manager for Toms Sound, says this business isn't the only one in trouble in Avondale.

"Avondale got four inches of rain in thirty minutes. The whole town flooded. I got fourteen inches of water in my rehearsal hall," said Loyd.

At Freshfully food market around the corner, sand bags are on standby.

"There's a crack in the door where the water rises, so we'll put them there," said Jen Barnett, CEO and co-owner of the store.

The key right now is planning for the worst and hoping for the best as the rain keeps falling.

"We've gone out and got some pumps. We'll pump the water out if it comes in again. We've got barricades up around the doors. I'm getting some sand bags brought in today," said Loyd.

Still, that may not be a match for what Loyd says is the much bigger issue.

"In our case, there's a storm drain right behind the shop. Usually that drains very well. But when it gets stopped up with debris the water backs up quite a bit," he said.

Don Lupo, director for the Mayor's Office of Citizens Assistance, says certain areas of the city simply can't handle heavy rains.

"There are drainage problems all over the city, I mean we live in low point. But this morning the city is out here. The county is out here. Everyone is investigating their lines. The biggest problem is the system is old and needs maintenance," said Lupo.

Birmingham City Councilmen Jay Roberson and Johnathan Austin both say it's a bad problem that needs to addressed.

{}Austin says even he was stranded in his car and had to get help Sunday. He says Avondale and several other places in district, from the East Lake area headed west, are parts of the city that need a lot of attention when it comes to flooding issues.