City leaders tour Regions Field

According to Mayor William Bell, construction of the new Regions Park is on schedule to be finished in April. (

Mayor William Bell says the new Barons baseball stadium will open on schedule next April in downtown Birmingham. City leaders toured the construction site of the $64 million dollar project on Wednesday.The developer told the mayor Regions Field will be ready for the opening pitch April 10th. There's still much to do, but city leaders got a bird's eye view of the progress so far. You can listen to the sound of growth right in the middle of everything. Construction crews are guaranteed by the city to get the new Barons Ballpark, known as Regions Park, open on time. Mayor Bell says "It's going to be an economic engine to really tie this entire area." Mayor Bell and city leaders toured one of the upper decks of the stadium taking in panoramic views of the city.Project developer, Robert Simon, says "We've been working on it for a long time. The mayor should tip his hat and the city council for making this happen." It's already created more than 200 construction jobs. Light frames and glass panels will soon go up. The area encompassing more than 200-thousand square feet of space. And in nearly five months, 8500 people will be able to catch a game. Baron's owner Stan Logan says central locations for ballparks have shown a huge success. "The whole structure has been well thought out as opposed to some of things we made hodgepodge in Hoover. We've had more time to get details oriented to everyone in the community." There will even be two family fun parks, but there's also a bigger picture here. Mayor Bell says "The whole goal and plan was not just for it to be an economic benefit for this area, but to spark growth and opportunity throughout the city of Birmingham."{}Many people are wondering about parking. A plan has not been announced yet, but a Barons Spokesperson says there will be 250 spaces on site and they're still trying to secure 2500 spaces in the area.