City's emergency alert failed during storm

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa city leaders have discovered its Emergency Alert system failed during last Monday night's tornado warning.{}{} {}{}{} People registered within the so-called polygon of danger issued by the National Weather Service automatically receive a phone call, text message or an email.{} But, it didn't happen.{} "For whatever reason it did not go out.{} The company that provides the service is looking into that right now.{} They're doing an investigation.{} Its a complex system.{} It erred somewhere in the configuration.{} The company hasn't gotten back with us yet.{} We spoke with them last week," said Jeff Motz, GIS manager for Tuscaloosa.{}{}{}{} The company is Blackboard Connect.{}{}{}{} City leaders say it was the first issue with the system since it launched last April.{} In the meantime, the city will manually initiate warnings through the Emergency Alert and continue to do so when it is fixed.{} " You might get two.{} But, as the city of Tuscaloosa we rather inconvenience our citizens with two messages than put any body in danger," added Motz.{}{}{} The Emergency Alert system is funded through a Hazard Mitigation grant FEMA award the city of Tuscaloosa after the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.