Civil rights groups attack Alabama's immigration law

The next step in the battle against Alabama's immigration law attacking the purse strings of state leaders. Civil rights activists - along with the United Auto Workers Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center plan to organize a boycott.

The effort begins now just as the Summer travel season picks up. These groups hope to discourage travelers from visiting the top money-making tourism sites.

"We believe that focusing on Alabama's tourism industry which is now only beginning to recover from the Gulf oil disaster of a few years ago, hopefully will help spur a discussion in the state," Wade Henderson, Executive Director, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said.

The movement may also hit Hyundai dealers hard.{}The Hyundai plant in Montgomery brings in significant revenue and these civil rights groups are aiming to slow things down.

"What we want to do is make sure customers know to let Hyundai know to expect different from them and they expect them to stand up against hate," Cindy Estrada, Vice President, United Auto Workers Union said.

Banners and information pamphlets will be placed at 70 Hyundai dealerships nationwide. The United Auto Workers Union says, their goal is not to boycott Hyundai, rather inform buyers before they pick a car made in Alabama.{}

Alabama's immigration law is the toughest in the nation. Some say revisions recently made to it {}would lead to even more profiling. One of the bill's sponsors says the changes help clarify the law for law enforcement and employers.{}

Governor Robert Bentley issued a statement in response to the boycott:{}

"Alabama's immigration law seeks to ensure that those who live and work in the state do so legally. There is nothing unkind or unjust about that. It is misguided for anyone to advocate boycotting Alabamasimply because the state has taken action to ensure that federal immigration laws are upheld. Some people want us to turn a blind eye to the issue of illegal immigration. We will not do so."