Civil War movie "Union" filming in Montevallo

An independent film crew is in Montevallo this weekend to shoot scenes for an upcoming feature.The movie is titled "Union" and is about a "female" confederate soldier in the civil war.Whitney Hamilton wrote the screenplay.{} She said she wrote a play about a decade ago that told the story of Joan of Arc, and wanted to write another script about some female combatants from the United States.She researched the subject and learned more than 400 women disguised themselves as men during the Civil War in order to participate in battle.Hamilton is the director for the movie, as well as one of the main characters.{} Her character cuts her hair and pretends to be a man in order to serve in the Confederate army.The character is wounded, and cared for by another woman, and the movie tells the story of their relationship.Hamilton is a Birmingham native but lives and works in Brooklyn.{} However, she wanted to shoot the film in her home state."I really feel like the landscape is a character, especially when you're talking about the Civil War, and anywhere through the Blue Ridge and down the Appalachia, the landscape really sets the tone," Hamilton said.The other lead in Saturday's scene is also from Alabama.{} Virginia Newcomb is from Alabaster and attended Jacksonville State University.{} She currently lives in Los Angeles, and her television and credits include "The Office" and "CSI".{} She also appeared in film "Peacock", movie starring Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, and Bill Pullman."I come home regularly as I can," Newcomb said."But this experience, being able to be this close, and to run lines with my mom, and to have my dad make cornbread for one of the scenes, it's been pretty special."The crew of independent filmmakers is a mix of professionals and students from the University of Alabama and University of Montevallo."I'm out here for experience, as I really want to go into the film industry," Montevallo junior Ryan Moriarty said."This was a great opportunity to learn and a great opportunity to come see it in action."Filming should be 15 percent complete by the end of the weekend.{}{} HHamiltonhopes to show the film in Birmingham at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.For more information about the film, including how you can help with funding and watch a trailer, visit the movie's website.