Clanton teenager hopeful for kidney transplant

Karli Chadwick is your typical 15-year-old girl.

She loves to cook, shop and play the piano. But her life is anything but normal.

She had a kidney transplant at age three. But after fighting Rotavirus in fourth grade her kidneys began to fail.

After being put on a donor's list for a new kidney, Chadwick has been on dialysis for three years for 10 and a half hours every day.

"If I skip it, or I get sick in the middle of the night and can't finish, my face swells and my legs swell," she said. "I'm all swollen."

It's been a waiting game ever since.

"It was hard not knowing if I would actually get one," she said.

"It's devastating to know that your child's not going to be healthy," Karli's mother, Kelly, said.

Chadwick's mom knows the fight all too well.

"I try not to let her see my tears or see my fears," she said.

She shares the same struggles and knows what it's like to come up short with a donor.

"I searched daily for years...for three years," she said. "I've always said it's easier to ask someone for money than a kidney."

But three weeks ago...some good news.

"We found out I have a potential donor," Karli said.

Unlike years of possible matches, she says this one gives her hope.

"I'm very hopeful because they said that it is a miracle that it was a close match," she said.

And what are her big plans for after her surgery?

"To swim and spend the night with people," Karli said.

Karli says they are going to meet with doctors in April to hopefully schedule a time and date for her kidney transplant in the near future.