Classmates and teachers hold vigil for slain police officer

{}A community comes together Monday night to remember a slain police officer. It comes just hours after a suspect's arrest."What hurts the most - it was senseless," Sharon Thompson, who works at Wenonah High School said.Wenonah High School staff member Sharon Thompson - told us Keary frequently returned to his alma mater to visit his teachers."The last conversation I had with him - we talked about his kids," Thompson said. "How they were, how they were doing."{}His high school basketball teammates want people to remember his enthusiasm. "He kept us going, he kept us cheering," Frederick Farness, a teammate said. "His loss was a great loss for our community because he was an example of what you can do coming from this background.""We were classmates, we were also neighbors," a friend said. "He stayed around the corner from him. Keary would motivate you, he loved to laugh, loved to joke around."Firefighters, local officers and deputies who knew Keary came to remember his life and service. A childhood friend - now a Jefferson County deputy - led their classmates in Amazing Grace."I really had to pick myself up to come to work," Latarrah Wilson, a friend said. "His death shook me to my core. It was hard because in my head - who would want to take Keary's life?"