Clay leaders plan to pave broken roads after warning from Post Office

Drivers in Clay are hitting some bumps in the road, literally. The majority of roads haven't been paved in at least 14 years according to the city's manager. The United States Postal Service is now threatening to not deliver mail because of it.The neighborhood developer is supposed to pave the roads, once the development is 80 percent complete, according to a city ordinance. Since the housing crisis, the city says many developers went bankrupt, leaving unfinished roads for the city to take care of.Now, city leaders will have to step in and use city funds for paving. SanMoore Drive is one of many roads in clay in need of desperate repair. "When you turn in, first you got to miss that pothole," described Shannon Barnette, a Clay resident. "You've got to swerve to the right. Then, you got to turn to the left. Down there, it's just like doing bumper cars."Residents should soon have a smoother commute. City manager Ronnie Dixon says it's time to fix a problem that's long overdue. "I know it's been at least fourteen years since there was any repaving work done," said Dixon. "The city has done some patch work over there."He says it was a wake-up call when the Post Office took notice of the conditions. They've given a warning notice to residents living on Garden Valley Road. "They had received notices from the Post Master saying that either the pot holes or the road itself in their neighborhood was so bad, that they were considering suspending the delivery of mail," explained Dixon. "They would have to pick it up at the post office."The city set aside nearly $500 million to do the job. They used a combination of general fund money, the gas tax and bonds. Mayor Charles Webster is asking residents to be patient a little longer, "Just give us some time because we can't do them all. Don't be disappointed if your roads not the one that don't get paved right now because we're still in the process of continuing this on through."