Cleaning up after the Classic

For thousands of football fans, the Magic City Classic is the pinnacle of their season - pitting bitter rivals Alabama State and Alabama A&M. For Birmingham Public Works crews, however, the Classic represents the height of hard work. {}Sunday, more than 60 employees spent hours at Legion Field, cleaning up the trash left behind from Saturday's game and the previous week of tailgating.

By early afternoon, most of the stadium's interior had been cleaned. {}Workers picked up much of the trash left in the rows by hand, while specially-equipped carts with vacuum-suction hoses circled the track. Outside, the port-a-potties were carted away and garbage trucks made numerous trips to empty their loads.

For the few tailgaters yet to break down, the efforts did not go unnoticed. {}Antonio Anderson, an ASU fan from Atlanta, said he was impressed by how quickly the crews worked. {}He also had praise for how the event itself was managed, calling it "a great experience."