Clergy 5K raises health awareness

Religious leaders gathered together to show their dedication to improving health. Dozens of clergymen and women took part in a 5K walk/run at the campus of Samford University.

The event is part of St. Vincent's Clergy Wellness Initiative, aimed at helping these leaders in faith and their congregation meet their health and wellness goals.

Organizers say this initiative is important because healthy clergy can spread the message of a healthy spiritual life as well as a healthy physical life.

Dr. Chastity McDavid program lead says, "The leaders are, they're role models. So, if we have healthy leaders then we are more likely to have healthy congregation members. Who will then have healthier family members. Which then creates a healthier community."

This is the first year of the clergy 5K.{} Twelve clergy members participated in the inaugural wellness initiative class.

Those who attended Saturday's event had access to free health screenings and fitness classes.