Coach Chizik meets with media to discuss Auburn shooting

Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik met with the media on Tuesday afternoon to address the shooting that left three people dead, including two former Auburn football players.

"It's been an incredibly difficult last 72 hours," said Chizik. On Saturday night at the University Heights apartments in Auburn, former Auburn football players Edward Christian and Ladarious Phillips were killed.

"We can't go into many details, but it's obvious we have a road ahead of us," said Chizik.

Chizik added that his team will be provided with some sort of aide and counseling. No players addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon. "They're not ready to do this. I'm not ready to do this. But its part of my job," said Chizik.

Chizik said he was at an NBA playoffs gathering on Saturday night when he received a call about the shooting. He met with the team the next day, and added that it was a very difficult meeting.

When asked if he had anything to say about Desmonte Leonard, the man connected to the shooting deaths, Chizik said, "No, I don't."