Coach Saban personally thanks Tide fans for support

Nick Saban thanking Alabama fans at Tuscaloosa Regional Airport on Tuesday. (

There were{}hundreds of screaming fans, special T-shirts and signs. That's the rock star treatment the National Champions got when they stepped off the plane at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. Tide fans are behind their team. For that, Coach Nick Saban thanked them.

Just before 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, the Crimson Tide touched down to cheering fans. One of the first people out of the plane was{}Saban. He{}immediately walked over to them.

"Thank you for coming out.{}I know the players appreciate you being here. Thank you so much," he said to the screaming fans.

It certainly wasn't Saban's first or last expression of gratitude.

"I think it really makes them feel good when they see the people who support the program and love the team.{}I think this is why you do this. You do this for other people. You don't do if for yourself," he said.

But even the coach who is just two national championship wins behind legend Paul Bear Bryant admits it's not easy.

"To repeat, everyone thinks is easier to win the first one but it's really hardest to repeat. For these guys to do what they did, we're very pleased and proud of what they did," said Saban.

The fans couldn't be prouder to be making what is starting to feel like an annual pilgrimage to the airport to show their love and hopefully catch a glimpse of their favorite players loading onto buses.

"Three national championships in four years that's unheard of these days. It's hard enough to win one," said fan Mark Eaton.

"It's really special. It makes me feel like{}I kind of contribute even though{}I am not out there taking snaps," said fan Jackie Dodd who brought her children along.

There are mo snaps, no tackles or even{}passes from the group in Crimson. They{}just deliver smiles, love and of course- "Roll Tide."