Coach who attacked umpire over a darkness call pleads guilty

A NewJersey Little League coach admits to attacking an umpire who wouldn't call agame because of darkness in 2011.

HenryMilstrey,of Newark, pleaded guilty to assault while a jury was deliberating hisfate on Wednesday following a two-week trial.

Prosecutorssay the 46 year old Milstrey was upset that the umpire, 51 year old RobertWaters, would not call the game due to darkness.{} It is believed that Milstrey called for helpand approximately 16 men assaulted 51 year old Robert Waters in Newark'sVailsburg Park.

Waters, who was president of the Newark Little League, suffereda fractured skull, hearing loss, and lost a tooth during the attack.

The EssexCounty Prosecutor's Office says Milstrey would have faced up to 10 years inprison if he had been convicted by the jury.

Sentencingis scheduled for August.