Coats for the needy

Our neighbors in need coat drive came to a close last week.

But that was only half the battle!

Today, the ABC 33-40 crew dropped off thousands of coats to deserving families in the Birmingham area.

Pastor Steve Green from More than Conquerors Faith Church was energetic as usual. As he unloaded coats to be cleaned you could hear him say... "Ten a minute ten a minute."

Big coats .... little coats...

coats that came in all shapes, sizes and colors generously poured in over the last few weeks.

Finally on Monday we ended up with what seemed like mountains of coats... collected from all parts of town.

They came from 9 Belk stores... and from 17 Hoover Schools... they were collected at the ABC 3340 studios... Pro Cleaners, Kim cleaners and More Than Conquerors Faith Church.

{}Once collected from all over the viewing area... our ABC 3340 coat force.... loaded up trucks... and delivered them to Kim's Cleaners... where... they will be cleaned... and ready for distribution... just in time for the next big chill.

It was obvious and overwhelming ... to see how people opened their hearts and their closets for others in need of a little warmth this year.

Big coats... small coats.... thin and thick.... coats that promise to fend off the cold.... for thousands of those in need.

This is the kind of generous outpouring... That will help make a huge difference to many of those in need this winter..... knowing.... others care enough... to offer a barrier to the cold.

The coats will be distributed through More than Conquerors Faith Church.