Coconut Grove, big tourist attraction in Miami

People riding a tour bus through Coconut Grove on Wednesday. (

"This is just a special place," Ron Rosenthal said. "You find yourself at peace, walk the street, ride your bicycle and be pretty much care free."

Rosenthal is not ashamed to tell you.

"I love Miami," he said. "I really do."

And not just Miami, but also what's on the outskirts of Miami.

Coconut Grove is a small, village type area just off of Grand Avenue and Main Highway that tourists, like Rosenthall, just can't turn away from.

"You can come here and feel calm and safe," Rosenthal said. "People are all very comfortable in their own skins."

It's filled with shops, restaurants and retail stores. Geffery Thigpen says from time to time it also hosts some pretty big names.

"People know everybody," Thigpen said. "People get acquainted with Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Billy Joel...where the rich and famous also hang out."