College grad hiring could see increase

Hiring will be up for new college graduates. That is according to a new report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

The "Job Outlook 2013 Survey" shows that employers anticipate hiring 13% more graduates from the class of 2013, than they hired from the class of 2012.

While employers are seeking graduates from a broad range of disciplines, there is particular interest in hiring new graduates with accounting and finance experience.

Dr. Lowell Broom is chair of the department of accounting and information systemsat Samford University's Brock School of Business. Broom says the accounting and finance fields have been resilient despite a struggling economy

"We've been able to place 100 percent of our accounting graduates in professional positions within three months of their graduation for the past several years," Broom says. "Our finance majors have been very successful in finding positions as well."

What's the driving force behind that up tick?

Boom credits a revitalized business industry. One showing more confidence from investors. "That impacts the need for financial services, accounting services as well. So the finance and accounting industry sort have been brought along with that," he says.Adam Rhodes is a managing partner at Northwestern Mutual. His company just began its summer internship program.

Rhodes will say, it is the best opportunity for a college grad to get a job right out of the gate. {} "For this industry. An internship in this industry would be the primary door opener for them. At our firm, the only people we take off the college campus are former interns," says Rhodes.Rhodes says the demand for financial careers is being fueled by an aging baby boomer population. "In our business, it's not generational. It's multi-generational. So for example, if I'm a baby boomer, and I'm dealing with my financial planning. That's a multi-generational issue," says Rhodes. "I'm going to need somebody that's going to be there through the next generation because that's where the planning comes into play and has a huge impact."Broom says, graduating with a degree in finance or accounting allows for more opportunity and room for growth. "I think it is a particularly attractive area. I think that students who have good quantitative skills, and good personal skills, personal interaction skills, should look very carefully at a career in finance. There's great opportunities and a lot of variety that I don't think people are aware of," says Broom.