Commissioner Brown asks for end to vote challenge

Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown stood with her attorneys and supporters. She made a plea to the voter challenging her win over Shelia Smoot to put an end to his contest. Erwin Hill filed it a few days after Brown beat Smoot for the District 2 seat by 26 votes.

Brown's attorney, Joe Espy, says this could cause a rift within the Democratic party. Espy says he's not even quite sure exactly what the allegations are. Smoot was not available go on camera. She would only say that it is Hill's right as a voter to challenge the outcome of this election. Hill's attorney, James Anderson says there was a 24-hour period after the election was declared to file the contest.

He says, because it had to be filed so quickly, the statement of contest is quite broad. He says, "Some of the{} allegations may not come to fruition, but{} you can't know unless you look into it."