State looks at common core education

Alabama is one of 45 states that falls under the Common Core Standards in Education.

Common core is meant to improve college and career readiness of high school graduates.

Today, the Alabama State Department of Education voted to rescind an agreement connected to common core developers.

The vote however, doesn't mean much, since Alabama will remain a common core state.

Opponents of common core are concerned that the state's math and English standards are being determined by out of state entities.{}

However, state superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice says the board is and will continue to be in control of the state's education standards.{}

That being said, today's resolution doesn't sit well with those who believe common core is ruining education in Alabama.

Robin Mears, executive director for the Alabama Christian Education Association is not a fan of common core.

"It's decided by other people with other agendas in mind," says Mears. "The parent, common person, the everyday individual, (common core) leaves them out of the process."Mears says today's resolution in Montgomery doesn't hold water. "They're trying to say something was done to neutralize the opposition to common core, and I don't see that anybody is going to fall for that. When we spend more time trying to satisfy each other with meaningless resolutions, we're not getting anything done."

Senator Scott Beason also opposes common core. Beason says he plans to again sponsor legislation that would remove common core. {}{}{} "Our state superintendent and school board just signed us up without know what the effects are really going to be. And I think that should make people worry about it," says Beason. "I think it's one of the pressing issues facing the state, moving forward."Senate pro tem Del Marsh says however he doesn't intend to address controversial legislation regarding these standards next session.Dr. Tommy Bice sent this statement which reads in part."The Alabama State Board of Education maintains its position that curricula are developed at the local school system level, along with plans of instruction."