Communities hold weekend events to give away school supplies

Thousands of children in our area are expected to return to school next week. Organizations, including ABC 33/40, are helping make sure students are equipped with the tools needed to have good school year .School

leaders in Fairfield had a book bag for every student enrolled in the school system.

"We want the children to know the dedication we are doing to give them the supplies motivating them to go to school and focus on learning," said Fairfield City School Board Member Marian Orange Easley.

Easley organized the annual Fairfield City Schools Jamboree. She and others do it to motivate students.

There was a lot of motivation with the kids at Kelly Ingram Park. ABC 33/40 was the proud sponsor of the Birmingham R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Rally. Organizers estimate 12,000 students showed up to get school supplies.

The mother of a Robinson Elementary School student was happy to attend the rally with her child. She understands why it has a huge turnout each year.

"Oh, it's a big impact because some people can't afford a backpack. Some people can't afford crayons, so it helps a lot especially when I have to buy uniforms," said Lorena Davis.

Speakers gave students a little something extra to help show respect.

"The way they present themselves. The way they dress. Their attitudes. No lagging, no sagging and no dragging. We don't want to see you behind or your behind. We want you to move forward to the head of the class," said Pastor Steve Green.

The need for school supplies appears to stretch across several communities. Members of the Birmingham Rotaract Club saw their school supplies disappear in 15 minutes at their giveaway sites.

Several districts begin school next week, but start on different days. You can find school starts dates by clicking here.