Community builds home for family in need


It's the house that a community built. A teenager from Alabaster lost his grandfather in a terrible accident. With a disease and little money, he and his grandmother didn't have many options. Until a few hundred children stepped in to help.{}{}A bus ride turned into the worst tragedy for 18 year old Josh Carden. As his grandfather waited for his school bus, a car passing by took his life."It doesn't get any worse than seeing your grandpa get hit right in front of you and flip three times," Jeff Brooks, an organizer said.But to look at the Thompson High School Senior's face, you would have never been able to tell.{}"Grandma and grandpa did the best they could, but they had little money," Brooks said. "They weren't able to give him everything he needed."But what they didn't know - is a man who stumbled upon the accident would be someone who could help turn things around."This kid was in need. If we didn't do something to help - who would?" Brooks said.Josh's story touched the hearts of his classmates who raised almost $13,000.{}"I thought it was really cool how they built that that soon and they did it for him," TJ Rayam, a classmate said.Churches and business owners heard about Josh and stepped in to help - and In two years, they built a house for Josh and his grandmother to live in.{}"It's hard to explain," Grant Brooks, an 11 year old volunteer said. "I'm just really happy for him because that was one of the darkest days of his life and he got a new home!""I've got a guy in a wheelchair building a house for a kid in a wheelchair," Brooks said. "I don't know how much cooler the story could get!"Their new home has - not only enough space for Josh's wheelchair, but every high end design you could imagine."You want to bring a smile to their face where there is no smile, and bring joy where there is no joy," Thomas Rayam, a pro athlete and volunteer said.Volunteers were quick to tell us, by helping change Josh's life - it changed theirs, too.{}"This is something where we could show that you can take a dark tragedy and turn it into something pretty bright," Brooks said.Here is a link to the Josh Carden Project for more information:{}