Community members hold vigil at Railroad Park

A funeral{}took place{}Saturday for the teenager shot in Railroad Park. Less than a week after his death, members of the community had a vigil at the park to make some points.

Many people paid their respects at Jarmaine Walton's funeral in Hueytown. "The community, the churches, our pastors, really have to get on board with this." Community Chaplin, Harry Turner, who attended the funeral, says violent acts need to stop. Walton, who was just 15, was shot at Railroad park last Sunday evening. Birmingham police have released few details about what happened.

"It shouldn't be a deterrent for what we want this city to be." Katie Thompson helped plan a vigil in Railroad Park to make this point. "Despite what happened at the park, there's support for the park and the city and everything the city is trying to do downtown isn't shaken."

Around a hundred people walked a lap around the park to show no fear, some wanted to reclaim faith and decency for the community. Scott Douglas says "Just as senseless as this tragic killing of this young man was, is senseless fear.

Following the walk, the group had a moment of silence for Walton. Douglas says "Nothing like this should happen again, not just in this park but in this city."

There is extra security at the park. Around 20 officers were there during the vigil. No arrest has been made in connection with Walton's death.