Community in Tuscaloosa County wants new high school

Will anything be done to improve the oldest high school in Tuscaloosa County? Many parents say it's in disrepair and want the school board to do something about it. One parent went before the board Monday night, hoping to get some answers.

1800 people have signed a petition for a new Holt High School. Some parents feel the school board is abandoning the children by not improving the school, but a board member says concerns are not being swept under the rug."

Holt High School student, Angie Hernandez, says "We have mold growing on the walls, there's stuff sticking out from the floor."

"You'll find cracks in the wall, flaky paint, bathrooms absolutely terrible." Jason Bearden says Holt High School is beginning to fall a part from the inside out. "Why has the county school board neglected Holt for 22 years and allowed it to become the state it's in? Bearden addressed the board.. telling them financial records show more money has gone to other schools instead of improving the oldest high school in the area.

We're tired of being overlooked, tired of being neglected, we want to see something happen." Like a new Holt High School.

"I would like to see Holt High School be at the same level as the other schools with funding facilities." Teacher, Cindy Dixon, and others think a new school would re-vitalize the Holt Community.

School Board Member Reverend Schmitt Moore agrees it's time for a change. He says proration slowed down the intension's of the board. "We're at a stage now where I think it's Holt's time, even though we have a money problem right now, but we're gonna look for that money and try to meet the needs at Holt High School." Reverend Moore says he wants to take the concerns to the School System's Facilities and Grounds Committee for review.

Moore says he'd like to see a new school.. but could not guarantee one at this time. Bearden says if no action is taken, he and other parents will take their concerns to the state.