Community Roundtable on Human Trafficking

Everyyear, over 450,000 people drive the 147-mile stretch of 1-20 between Birminghamand Atlanta. Almost none of them realize that it is America's #1 avenue formodern day slavery. Human Trafficking in Alabama is a problem, but there's an opportunity to learn more about the issue along with help fix it.{}

Attenda free luncheon provided by the Junior League of Birmingham to learn more abouthow you can get informed and involved.

Panelists will include:

TajuanMcCarty - The Wellhouse

TeresaCollier - Alabama Fusion Center

JackWilliams - State Rep who sponsored the Human Trafficking Bill

CorneliusHarris - FBI

Pleasejoin us for the upcoming Community Roundtable on Monday, January 27that 11:30 a.m.{} The Junior League of Birmingham will host a community forumaddressing Human Trafficking in Birmingham.{}

Lunchwill be provided, so please RSVP by January 20th to communityroundtables@jlbonline.comto reserve your spot.


TheJunior League Building is located at 2212 20th Ave South Birmingham, AL 35223.