Community supports student diagnosed with cancer

A community is rallying support for an Oxford High School student battling a rare form of cancer. A fundraiser has been going on all day to help the student and his family with everyday life expenses.

Sebastian Cambron says, "It's been pretty scary, depressing. But I've been coping with it. I've been doing pretty well."

His mother, Beverly Cambron, says "It's called Epithelioid Sarcoma."

Oxford High School student, Sebastian Cambron, has missed the first part of this Senior year. His mother says he was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer in June. "He had no real symptoms. He found a lump under his skin. It was doing CT scans and an MRI to figure out what is was and they eventually removed a mass."

Beverly Cambron says she's not working to care for him. That's why family and friends helped put on this concert and silent auction to raise money for gas, food and other expenses.

Family friend, Reba Snyder, says "Once we started getting out telling folks he was a local kid from Oxford High School, they started really listening. They started warming up and donations started coming in."

Snyder says around 100 businesses have donated so far - all to make life a little easier as Sebastian focuses on the road to recovery.

Beverly says, "He's actually been my hero as far as that. He's handling it well."

Sebastian says, "It makes me feel good, how people will come together for a certain cause, just to help out."

Sebastian's mom says he'll start getting radiation Monday. He hopes to return to school in January and finish out his Senior year.