Community wants "Good Friends Chinese Restaurant" closed for good

Community members want no more of what they call dirty dining. They protested calling for "Good Friends Chinese and Seafood Restaurant" to close for good. And they appear to have their wish.

A sign on the door, reads "Thank you for your patronage, it has been a pleasure, closed." We learned that the sign was posted by the owners, not the city. This comes after the owner allegedly shot at a Jatari Walker, who claimed that she found a roach in her eggroll.

Birmingham Councilor Steven Hoyt held a public safety meeting Monday to discuss the issues about the restaurant.

According to the Jefferson County Department of Health, the latest score of the restaurant is 91.

Now, the law department obtained copies of incidents and arrests reports from the restaurant. "There were 25 incidents, there were five reported incidents," says Birmingham Detective Ralph Patterson.

These numbers alarm the victim's father, Jahari Sailes, who doesn't understand how a restaurant can score so high in spite of so many reports. Sailes says, "If you have those many incidents about roaches and insects, I think a better job should've been done on checking on it and closing it down then."

Sailes is hoping that the city will revoke Chun Hin Ching's license. Ching was charged with attempted murder after the incident. He's out of the Jefferson County jail on a $100,000 bond.

The incident happened in City Councilor Sheila Tyson's district, who says her constituents don't care about a "closed" sign on the door. They want the license pulled. "He shouldn't even have the right to sell six chicken wings for ninety nine cents. Your life isn't worth six chicken wings," says Tyson.

A public hearing and committee meeting will be held March 3rd, and March 11th a public hearing will be held at city council.