Teen, 15, shot outside Fairfield mall while waiting to buy new Air Jordan sneakers

A 15-year-old boy is recovering, after being shot in the foot, while waiting in line for the new Air Jordan shoes. It happened early this morning at Western Hills Mall in Fairfield. Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis says right now two people have been detained for questioning and he expects charge to come down soon. One of those people is juvenile. The incident happened around two this morning. Davis says some fifty to sixty people were standing outside in line waiting to get the new shoes. He says there are conflicting stories about exactly what happened. Some witnesses saying there was an altercation prior to the shooting. Others says a car just passed through and someone inside began shooting. Once the gunfire stopped a fifteen-year old boy had be shot in the foot. He was sent to Children's of Alabama and is expected to be okay. But Davis says this could have ended a lot worse, and that parents should be mindful about simply dropping their teens off at the mall. "Once you get a group of teen together without adult supervision there is always a potential for violence, acts of violence, you know just random childish things. Once again the retailers need to take responsibility for the safety of their patrons as well as parents need to take responsibility for the safety of their kids,"{}said Davis.Davis says he spoke briefly with the mall manager this morning and plans to do so again on Monday. He says it is his intention to do everything in his power to persuade management not to have these types of sales during the early morning hours outside of normal businesses hours. He says if that doesn't work, he intends to talk to the mayor about drafting an ordinance that would ban these kind of sales in the city of fairfield. Davis says there is a curfew but in order for a juvenile to be taken into juvenile detention that person has to commit a crime. Davis says violating curfew is not a crime. So in his opinion, police are left to "babysit" in situations like these.